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Experts in bricks, pavers and masonry mortars

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Brick & Mortar Research Laboratory

Welcome to the Brick & Mortar Research Laboratory website.

Who are we?

The Brick & Mortar Research Laboratory (BMRL) is a NATA accredited testing laboratory, and is a trading division of Sharp & Howells Pty Ltd. BMRL specializes in the testing of construction materials, mainly bricks, masonry blocks, pavers (concrete, stone or fired clay) and mortar, but also roof tiles, wall tiles, wall ties, brick sand, concrete aggregates…

Who are our clients?

A large range of people and organizations use our services: manufacturers, importers and distributors of pavers, masonry blocks, bricks and mortar ingredients; builders; home-owners; architects and building consultants; insurance companies; legal firms; local councils; other testing laboratories; pre-mixed concrete suppliers.

What do they want to know?

In general, they want to know the properties of the material in question. This can range from the strength or the salt attack resistance of a brick, to the composition (cement and lime content) of the mortar in their house, to the abrasion resistance or the slip resistance of a paver, to the particle size distribution of a sand or concrete aggregate, and many things in between. For many of these tests, we can measure the results against the requirements of the relevant Australian Standard, (or overseas Standard) and/or judge whether the material is likely to perform satisfactorily. We may also be able to help with recommendations, assistance and advice on how things could be improved.

Who's running this show?

My name is Stuart Errey. I'm a Member of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute and a Chartered Chemist, and I've got lots of experience in cement & concrete matters particularly, and also in clay products and the way all these things should be tested. Phone me on (03) 9850 9722, or e-mail on,and we can talk about how I can help you.

Alternatively, if you're interested in general chemistry-based investigations, contact John Franceschini at Sharp & Howells (03 9850 9722, or